Is This Mine?

Since being introduced to the Bars and Access Consciousness I’ve added some great tools for increasing my awareness to my life. Some of them are profound. One of those profound tools I’d like to share with you is asking the question, “is this mine?”

So many times we take on other peoples (and other living beings, animals, plants, the Earth itself) pain and suffering. Say you’re driving down the road, listening to a great song on the radio in your happy place. All of a sudden you start to feel angry or sad for no logical reason. Why? What is this about? The best way I can explain it is that we are all connected to each other by energy. Everything is energy! If you are sensitive, intuitive or empathic you will pick up these energies from others more easily. It can be a problem. Why would you want to carry someone else’s baggage around? There is no good reason, unless you’re into self punishment.

So, what I do is ask myself, “is this mine?” And if the energy lightens that means it’s not, so then I say to myself, “return to sender with awareness” until it’s gone. When you return to sender it’s not a cruel or mean thing to do, it merely gives the sender an opportunity to change their situation as they are now aware, whereas before, more than likely, they weren’t even aware that they were sending these thoughts out to others.

I’ll give you an example: the other day I was walking into a store and my right foot felt a sharp, excruciating pain when I stepped down on it. It was bad, like making it back to my car was a question, “can I make it?”

This happened totally out of the blue, so I asked, “is this mine?” And the pain lessened considerably, so I returned it to sender with awareness until the pain was completely gone. By the way – This took all of about 20 seconds, it’s not a long process in case you were concerned about that.

As this was going on I noticed an elderly woman in one of those mobil chairs ahead of me going into the store and I was pretty sure that it belonged to her. Wow, it was understandable that she was not walking around, because she couldn’t! While we were both in the store shopping the pain came back again and I noticed she was close by. This was even more validation for me that we are all connected, some of us send out a powerful energy and some of us receive. The thing is that it does no good to be in pain or sadness, depression, etc if it’s not yours. Why would you do that to yourself?

If you were to stay in this question for about 3 days you would experience more peace and such lightness you’d wonder how you ever got along without this tool!

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Here’s to your health and well being!

Helen Marie

The Fountain of Youth!

A few years ago a very dear friend of mine moved from the Clearwater area south to Sarasota.  It wasn’t a far move but it was a good hour drive from where I lived and being the nature lover that she is, she discovered one of my favorite treasures here on the west coast of Florida, Ponce de Leon’s Fountain of Youth, otherwise known as the healing waters of the Warm Mineral Springs.

I’ll never forget my first visit there with her.  You walk through a very long walkway, like a hall, and at the end is a huge opening overlooking a beautiful lake with lush plants, flowers and trees.  The smell of sulfur is strong (like rotten eggs) because of all the minerals.  If you can overlook the smell, and you are looking for a lush, beautiful place to spend a few hours to get healthy and totally relaxed, I highly recommend this place!

While you are there you hear all kinds of accents, especially European, as folks come from all over the world to experience the healing power of this place. Many have even moved close-by as the waters have made a profound difference in how they feel and their pain level on a daily basis.

This is the only warm spring in Florida.  One main hot spring feeds into the lake from the bottom and there are many cooler feeds inside the lake as well making it a very comfortable 85* degrees year round.  If you do go in the cooler months please take a robe or something to bundle up with as it gets very breezy and chilly when you get out of the lake.

The shape of the swimming area is interesting, it’s shallow along the sides making it easy to touch the bottom with your feet, once you go past the ropes it drops hundreds of feet.  I found that a bit unnerving my first visit but the water is so buoyant you don’t sink and with a styrofoam noodle you can enjoy a lovely float.  The water on the outer rim of the spring moves in a circular motion as do the clouds in the sky above it. ( if/when you go, as you’re floating look up and you’ll see what I’m talking about).
At one point there was a spa offering various services, acupuncture, pedicures, massage, etc.  and an organic restaurant.  It was a great way to spend the entire day!

Then for some reason ( I won’t go into it, ridiculousness) the powers that be closed the whole thing down for quite a while.  They have since re-opened the springs for swimming and I hear they are resuming the spa soon.  Fingers crossed for the restaurant soon too?!  The food was great!

So, for a $20.00 entrance fee, bring a pool noodle (dont worry, if you forget, they sell them in the gift shop), towel, and your sunscreen. You can spend a fabulous few hours enjoying a good float/swim and get healthy at the same time. You can find more information about the Warm Mineral Springs here.

If you’re not close to the Warm Mineral Springs of Sarasota there are many springs around the country and the world that have just as many benefits. You can check some of those out here.

Here’s to your health and well being!  If you’d like a personalized daily “feeling good” routine or are interested in any other services I offer please contact me.

Until next time,

Helen Marie