Upcoming Brazil Trip

Hi Folks, Wanted to mention a bit about an upcoming trip that is available for you to join us on if you feel led to do so. Previously, I had written a blog about the Crystal Healing Bed at First Unity that received quite a bit of attention and as a result has morphed into a healing journey to the Casa where John of God is in  Brazil that I am planning on going on from Aug 29 – Sept 11, 2016. Many people are drawn to this healing place and from what I understand the energies are building!
Due to the Olympics being there this summer this particular trip will not require a visa which saves money, time and a certain amount of stress.  From what I understand, these things (visas) usually come through at the very last minute (sigh).
We will be having a presentation in the future (dates to be announced) which will include meeting our guide for our trip, Chris Harker. Chris has been taking folks over to Brazil since 2011 multiple times a year. When he first went back in 2010 he wound up staying over there for 3 months, he had not planned on it originally.  But he made a lot of friends there and as a result can offer great accommodations and a wonderful healing experience.
The presentation will be about an hour and will include a question and answer session, a 16 minute slide show of his personal photos, a meditation and then he will call in the energies of the Casa! This will be an evening you will not forget!
I will make the announcement as soon as we have a date or two for presentations.

Also, if you are interested in hosting a presentation please contact me at my email link.

Here’s to your health and well being!

Helen Marie

Mirrors (Otherwise Known as Relationships)

IMG_1360Every relationship we have is mirroring something about us that is wanting us to be aware of to heal and transform our lives.
Sometimes this feels really good and sometimes it’s painful and hard to look at.
Once you understand this concept it is incredibly freeing as you no longer have to feel victimized or blame anyone else for how you feel. You have the power over your own life and you can choose to hold on to the issue if you’d like to or not. Some people just aren’t ready to let go of certain things as it is still is serving them in some way, and that’s ok too. We each have our own path and respecting each others journey is vital. What I can tell you is that the key to having peace in your life is in choosing to just “let it go”!
The truth is, there is no one to blame, only the mirror image for us to look closer at our own inner issues and inner qualities. Life is all about our human experience to learn and grow.
Many of the issues that we tend to hold onto can manifest as pain in our bodies, this is a self judgement (punishment) and one of the cruelest things we can do to ourselves and to our bodies.
Being a massage therapist has really opened my eyes to how people hold onto these limitations and judgements. There are a lot of stressed out people in the world, neck, shoulder and back pain is off the charts, (me included).
One day I was brushing my teeth and thinking about someone who, let’s just say, I was unhappy with their behavior. As I was mentally bashing them I could feel my neck tighten and it was so obvious that no one else was to blame but me for how it felt, ouch! I had to take responsibility for my judgements, well crap, looking at your own stuff is not easy. Especially at first, it was always “their fault” and many times “they” weren’t even in the room. Funny how that worked out, huh? And the only one suffering was me!!!!
Until I decided to “Let it Go”, then I felt total freedom, good for me, my neck felt better and life was good again. I’m not saying that I don’t still have issues, I am human after all. But, at least I am able to identify most of my issues now (with help) and if I choose to let them go, so be it.
What is interesting is that we tend to attract the very same energies that we are, (like a magnet)  This includes people, animals, situations, etc.  Did you ever have something in your life that keeps repeating itself and you thought you were past it?  This is something that requires your attention!  Just because a situation changes doesn’t mean it’s gone for good, sometimes it’s a matter of showing yourself how much you have grown and moved beyond it, sometimes there is still work to be done.
In order to clear our painful issues, some inner work must be done and truly we are worth it. Everyone is different and we all heal in different ways. I would advise asking for help from God, Universe, Spirit, Your Higher Self, Source, Angels, whichever of these that you identify with to help you recognize and understand how these mirrors work for you and how you can release the energy that is causing you pain and discomfort. Your answer will appear and you will want to be clear that you understand exactly what it is you are seeing and how to dissolve it, so make sure you ask and that you understand it in no uncertain terms.

And to stay open and receptive to anything that comes up to be healed. Best of luck to you!

Here’s to your health and well being!

Helen Marie

‘What Else Is Possible?”

IMG_0419Our intentions are everything in life.  Where are we coming from?  What do we want?  This is probably one of the most important questions we need to ask ourselves in life!  “What do I want?”  Sadly, most people have no idea.

Your answer to this question determines your intentions in life.  It is your goal, your end game.  One of the Access Consciousness (created by Gary Douglas) tools that I love to use everyday, sometimes multiple times a day is the question, “What Else Is Possible?”

When we stay in the question, we open up endless possibilities for our lives.  When we make a statement we close off the expanding energies and possibilities.  So, why not stay in question?  What I’ve found is that when I ask this question it makes my life easier.  Possibilities appear from out of nowhere and the energies around me expand my life and my living!

I’ve learned that the feeling of what I want to create is the key.  It’s up to the Universe to manifest my desires into my life.  And it never looks the way that I think it’s going to.  It’s impossible for me to resolve certain things that I want to create to the utmost degree of what is possible.  It’s not feasible that my brain can conceive of everything there is, my head would explode!

So, I will share with you a few of the questions that I use to start my day – here goes:

“How can today be easy, fun and highly profitable for me with harm to none?”  “What else is possible?”

Since I’ve been doing this I’ve noticed an ease to my days that had not been before with out losing money and many times benefitting me financially in fun ways that I’d not thought of before.  It’s always different and I love being pleasantly surprised!

So, I would ask you to try it if you feel led to do so and just see what appears for you.  Please be sure and add “with harm to none!”  it is important.  Anyway, what have you got to lose?  Absolutely nothing, and everything to gain!  I’d love to hear from you regarding your experiences if you feel like you’d like to share!

Here’s to your health and well being!

Helen Marie