Father’s Day


Father’s Day is upon us and that’s gotten me thinking about how important a role being a Dad is!

Dads wear a lot of different hats and have a lot of influence on their children.  If this is your role I hope you take it seriously.  You’ve been entrusted with a huge responsibility and are molding young lives by your words and your actions.

I have two sons (both grown now) and both have a different father (two marriages).  Both of these guys were great Dads!  Both were stern disciplinarians (for which I was very grateful) and our boys knew that they had to answer for any wrong doing on their parts.  Which, I feel, detoured a lot of trouble that they could have gotten into.  On the other hand, they both knew that their Dads loved them and would be there for them if/when they needed them to be.  There was lots of play as well (this is very important)!

With girls, your role is different.  “You” are showing her how to be treated by her life partner and how valuable she is as a person. I’ve often heard of very special Dads playing dress up with their daughters and being silly.  The best was Daddy and daughter date night, where they would both get dressed up and go out and do something fun, a wonderful way to make your little girl feel special!

Your relationship with their Mother is going to be the example for both your sons and daughters in how to relate in marriage and relationships in general.

So, please be a good example, no, be a great example.   Be yourself, but, be a better man than you think you are inside (you know what I mean).  In the end, you and your children and their future families will reap the rewards!

Wishing all the Dads out there a very “Happy Father’s Day”!  Have tons of fun and remember, “little eyes are watching you”! LOL

Here’s to your health and well being!

Helen Marie