Do you remember when you were a kid and you loved to run all over the place? Yeah, me neither! Just kidding. I do remember feeling so free and light and I would go so far so fast, used to love it!

Not too sure when that ended but I think it was right around puberty, when my body started to change and let’s just say that running became really uncomfortable.

But I do love walking. To me there’s nothing better than being outside in the fresh air hopefully feeling a cool breeze on my sweaty skin. I love to sweat, releases all those yucky toxins from the body and in the heat, it keeps us cool. The sounds of nature help me to become more at peace and ease also, it’s a win win.

There are some times though that we encounter someone who feels the need to talk on and on and on and on. This was the case for me this morning at the park.  A lady was talking to her dog, very loudly repeating the same thing over and over and I thought to myself if I was that dog running away would be a good option!  So that’s exactly what I did, it motivated me to get my rear in gear and hustle so I was not able to hear her anymore.

Some of the benefits of exercise are: Uplifting our moods, helps with weight control, boosts our energy, helps to combat health conditions such as high blood pressure, arthritis, depression, anxiety, heart disease, improves sleep, improves sex life and so many others.

What can keep things fresh for you is if you enjoy a variety of activities.  If you do, then you will never be bored working out, just keep mixing up your workouts and keep them fun.

I have a pilates reformer machine that I like to use and free weights along with stretching on my foam roller for better circulation and because it just feels great!  Sometimes I go through a yoga spurt and really feel great from that!

It’s funny, as our bodies get older we realize how important it is to take care of them because we feel the discomfort immediately when we don’t. When sitting too long we can become stiff and achy, the body lets us know when we don’t move as much as it wants us to.

So get out there and enjoy your bodies! Keep them mobile and you will be grateful that you did as you get older, trust me. Remember, a body in motion stays in motion!

Here’s to your health and well being!

Helen Marie

Political Circus


There is a line in a favorite movie of mine, “Eat, Pray, Love” where Javier Bardem says to Julia Roberts character, “You don’t just need a man, you need a champion!”

Truer words have never been spoken regarding our upcoming political elections.  We need several champions (in my opinion), Congress, Senate, House of Representatives, all new elected politicians. Champions who look at the bigger picture for our children and our children’s children, and so on……

When making and passing laws the long term effects must be considered and respected. There is too much at stake now. We have too many delicate decisions that need to be made by people of character who have all of our best interests at heart.

Right now the people we have in most positions in government have let us down and I know the majority of us are fed up! We want change and we want it now, no more greed and corruption. Greed has taken over and the good of the majority are not even considered anymore. Makes me very sad for us, our children and future generations who will be cleaning up our messes. They should not have to suffer on our account.

There are some ways that we the people can take back control by our actions. If we do our homework we can effect the bottom line for these corporations who are poisoning our environment and taking over our government. We can find out what products they produce and simply not buy them.   Done in multiple numbers this will hurt their bottom line more than you can imagine. Corporate greed can be suffocated by our purchasing power! Seems like common sense, doesn’t it?

We all need to become consciously AWARE and AWAKE! The time is now for us all to reclaim our beautiful nation! To make it safe and clean it up in all ways. To do that we need to follow the money trail, that will tell us who is in control and behind the self serving actions that are happening in this great country of ours.

When you vote, please vote with your conscience. It is imperative that we suffocate prejudice and hate and start treating each other the way we want to be treated ourselves. It is 2016 after all and we have come a very long way to become equals on most playing fields. There is some work still to be done but I would be very disappointed if we went backwards.  Hopefully, most Americans will be using common sense on election day and we will have our beautiful country back with the respect and dignity we all deserve.

Here’s to your health and well being!

Helen Marie

EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique

IMG_1334I’ve been on my spiritual healing path for many, many years now and a most amazing tool I’ve found is EFT. It is one of the most effective tools to overcome anything that you may have an issue with. Perhaps there’s something that you too have resisted healing in your life? Something that keeps reoccurring? Sound familiar?

It’s a very simple technique to use and highly effective! The process is to tap on different acupressure points on the body while talking about a particular issue that is bothering you. As you do this, you release the emotional attachment you feel to that issue.

My introduction to EFT happened about 25 years or so ago, maybe longer. My back had gone out, and I was in deep shuddering pain with every step I took. It was the closest thing to being bed ridden I’d experienced and it was awful!

My massage therapist was close by and I called her to see if she was able to fit me in to help relieve some of this pain. Luckily she was able to see me and so off I went to her office, moving at a snails pace. (I am not a high pain threshold type person).

Another practitioner friend of hers was there and asked me if i would be willing to try out a new modality that she had just learned about. “Sure,” I said. ” anything to ease my discomfort is worth a try!”  So, here’s what we did:

First, we measured my pain on a scale of 1 to 10. ( I felt it was a 10.) Then she had me say a script, like “Even though my back is hurting, I still deeply love and accept myself.” ( This is just an example, each person says what pertains to their situation.)

(At first she had to tap on my body as I wasn’t able to move very well but after a couple of rounds I felt better and was able to do it myself.)

While I was saying the script she would be tapping on my points which are:  Side of hand (karate chop), top of head, top of eyebrow, side of eye, underneath eye, under nose, chin, chest, (like Tarzan did), under breast, and about 4 inches under arm pit. Keep talking and repeating this process until the pain lessens or the emotional charge has gone down considerably.

Amazingly, the pain lessened considerably after only a few rounds! It didn’t go away completely but it was manageable and I knew I was going to be okay.

EFT works! It has helped me with every emotion I can think of and any body pain or issue as well. I’m not saying it is a cure all but it sure takes the emotional charge out of being uncomfortable and it’s empowering!   Examples to use it on are sadness, grief, anxiety, pain (emotional and physical), you get the idea. There is a correlation between our emotional state and how our bodies feel, it’s all connected and we are all connected to each other too.

If you’d like to learn more about EFT please go to: www.emotionalfreedomtechnique.com

Here’s to your health and well being!

Helen Marie