Do you remember when you were a kid and you loved to run all over the place? Yeah, me neither! Just kidding. I do remember feeling so free and light and I would go so far so fast, used to love it!

Not too sure when that ended but I think it was right around puberty, when my body started to change and let’s just say that running became really uncomfortable.

But I do love walking. To me there’s nothing better than being outside in the fresh air hopefully feeling a cool breeze on my sweaty skin. I love to sweat, releases all those yucky toxins from the body and in the heat, it keeps us cool. The sounds of nature help me to become more at peace and ease also, it’s a win win.

There are some times though that we encounter someone who feels the need to talk on and on and on and on. This was the case for me this morning at the park.  A lady was talking to her dog, very loudly repeating the same thing over and over and I thought to myself if I was that dog running away would be a good option!  So that’s exactly what I did, it motivated me to get my rear in gear and hustle so I was not able to hear her anymore.

Some of the benefits of exercise are: Uplifting our moods, helps with weight control, boosts our energy, helps to combat health conditions such as high blood pressure, arthritis, depression, anxiety, heart disease, improves sleep, improves sex life and so many others.

What can keep things fresh for you is if you enjoy a variety of activities.  If you do, then you will never be bored working out, just keep mixing up your workouts and keep them fun.

I have a pilates reformer machine that I like to use and free weights along with stretching on my foam roller for better circulation and because it just feels great!  Sometimes I go through a yoga spurt and really feel great from that!

It’s funny, as our bodies get older we realize how important it is to take care of them because we feel the discomfort immediately when we don’t. When sitting too long we can become stiff and achy, the body lets us know when we don’t move as much as it wants us to.

So get out there and enjoy your bodies! Keep them mobile and you will be grateful that you did as you get older, trust me. Remember, a body in motion stays in motion!

Here’s to your health and well being!

Helen Marie

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